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Theresa Agostinelli, Author, International Speaker, Leadership Development Trainer

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Theresa Agostinelli

Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

As an Author, International Speaker and Licensed Psychotherapist combined with Leadership Development training and almost 20 years of speaking  and helping others overcome challenges, set backs and adversities,  I am able to offer  practical tools,  high energy presentations designed to engage,  and provide memorable take aways,  that will empower, inspire and encourage you and your team.

Leadership Training

Many employers are trying to fix their employees, instead of getting to the root of the problems.  A better idea is to create a culture that supports teams with individualistic growth and success tools to strengthen and foster personal development.

As each person learns self-improvement skills, the whole team as well as the individuals will benefit and do better.  This creates a feeling of over all well being because the employer is supplying individuals and teams with the ability to work on self mastery. The tools I offer will increase productivity and retention as well as decrease effects of trauma and drama.

Professional and Personal Development

Wholistic health and well being in the corporate settings have become increasingly important.  It starts on an individual level. As a trusted guide, I can help your employees achieve personal and professional goals by helping to  optimize body and mind. With the  system I created, each individual and team member will gain tools to overcome challenges and limited beliefs which increases self esteem and pride in the work that they do.  Now more than ever, businesses are tapping into personal and professional development to stay ahead of the game and create a new culture.



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More about me

A high school graduate from a Philadelphia working-class family, I overcame many significant hardships and a low socioeconomic status to rise from housewife, widow, and single mother to successful Master Psychotherapist and Internationally known Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Leadership Trainer.

My own struggles and challenges such as the loss of a husband and two brothers, financial difficulties and other significant set backs  taught me valuable lessons. With a fear of public speaking and suffering from depression and anxiety I was forced to face my own limited beliefs. This caused me to transform my life. That transformation brought about a successful counseling agency, through my work as an author, teacher at a university, a trusted mentor and in every word I share as a public speaker and leadership development trainer.

This depth of personal and professional experience gives me a unique ability to understand you, your leadership, and the people on your teams.

My experiences in overcoming and succeeding, and building a successful business, combined with my global credibility and effectiveness and being part of the John Maxwell Team means that you will have access to proven methods of success.


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