When I stopped making excuses-the magic happened.
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Professor Theresa Agostinelli is the author of the book, The Grid System. She talks the real talk. Theresa is a licensed psychotherapist, motivational speaker, and transformational coach. Theresa is changing the landscape of professional and personal development and is not making excuses.

Why are you unhappy in your relationships?
Why are you unhappy in your marriage?
Why are you stuck in your career?

We make excuses to be comfortable. Being comfortable leaves is in an unhappy place.

How does grief keep us stuck? Theresa Agostinelli answers these questions. She found herself at 26, a widow, raising a young son. She had no education, no tools, and really wanted to curl up in a ball and retreat from the world.

Fast-forward 20 years- Theresa is at the top of her game. She raised a healthy son, graduated with a master’s degree, and found love again. This is a story to inspire you to stop making excuses today.
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