About Me

From young widow, single mom, to successful author, entrepreneur, international speaker and corporate trainer,  I  have helped thousands to transform, bounce back and learn to enjoy the journey.

I’m Theresa Agostinelli

At age 19, I was pregnant and married. When I was 26 years old my husband died suddenly. I found myself a widow , single mom with little resources, limited skills, and no job. I was struggling. I was continually working against myself, and finding that I was becoming depressed, anxious, and continually felt like a failure.

I was beginning to convince myself that I would never be successful and at times I even believed that my son would be better off with out me. I even believed at times that the world would be better off without me.

There were many other significant losses and traumatic experiences I had gone through in my journey . That trauma was intensified by the mental DNA I had downloaded subconsciously as a child.

When I began to research I found that by the time we are two or three years old we have downloaded enough information unconsciously to last well into our adult years. This information is stored through our interaction with those who influence our lives at an early age.

Those early influencers in our lives have a lasting effect on us that give us our perspective on money, relationships, health, career. It wasn’t until I went to College later in life, that I realized why all these things that had been happening to me had caused me to self sabotage .

I studied sociology, psychology and human development and it was amazing to me. It was the first time I actually connected to school and curriculums because it was information that was really making my life make sense. I was gaining clarity.

“I have now committed my career to helping others improve their mindset  and provide them the tools they need to lead a healthy and productive life, both personally and professionally.”