You are called to make a difference

With Purpose

You are called to profit from an abundant life!

Join Professor Theresa Agostinelli for an Exclusive Event
on September 10th 11-1 PM EST

Are you watching life on the sidelines afraid to take the next step you are meant to take? Whether this is a professional jump or a personal endeavor, we are often caught up in self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome.

The Exclusive PROF.iT with PURPOSE Event

Join A Community of Pioneers

You are not alone. You are the one person who has the choice to change your life today. The PROF.iT with PURPOSE exclusive mastermind on September 10th, will surround you with supportive women who are looking for more in their lives. Professor Theresa Agostinelli, LCSW, will facilitate the momentum in your life, unlock your potential professionally and personally and give you the actionable tools you need to get to the next level.

What Your Will Receive

As a guest of the PROF.iT with Purpose Mastermind, you will receive actionable tools to release the biggest roadblocks in your life and profit from these changes. You will receive an intensive seminar, that aligns with Theresa Agostinelli’s newest book, The Grid System. You will receive live mini-coaching sessions that allow you to apply her tried and true methods of creating abundance and reaching success.

In addition, when you sign up here, you will receive a free copy of her E BOOK The Dynamic Leader. You will have access to her community of like-minded women who know they are meant for more.


Not so long ago, I was a widow, with a young son at my hip and no education. I felt like the world was against me. Yet, I made the choice to take my life to a new level. I went to school and graduated with a masters degree. I started my own psychotherapy practice, raised my little boy to be a successful man and found love again. This was not easy. This took grit, determination and resilience. I understood that in order to profit in life, I needed to actualize my purpose on earth.

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